Spring is Here!

Wow! It’s nice and breezy because it’s spring.

Photo by Jodie Bloom 

Spring is amazing! Spring is the season where all the plants start to grow again.  The bugs start to fly, and the animals wake up from their winter nap. The streams are still a little cold because the snow melts and fills the streams and rivers! Fish can be found in the streams and lakes! Now I cannot wait to go see those flowers I saw earlier.


What’s your favorite season?

What’s your favorite flower?

Welcome to the Bahamas!

Isn’t the water in the Bahamas beautiful? Recently I vacationed in the Bahamas, so let me be your guide to this gorgeous archipelago. An archipelago is a group of islands.

Things to Do

The Bahamas are islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and they are close to Orlando, Florida. Vacationing in the Bahamas is a perfect way to relax. The sun feels so nice in the amazingly clear water. It’s like being in a hot tub!

photo from google earth

There are many wonderful things to do in the Bahamas.  First, you could swim in the crystal clear water and snorkel with lots of colorful fish. There are also a lot of resorts with shops that have lots of interesting things to buy. When I went, there were so many shops I could not count them all. There were stores where they would braid the side of your hair and sell you refreshing drinks. There was even a man playing steel drums! But the one place that I thought was so unusual was the straw market. I know you think they sell straws, right? No, they sell unusual objects like wooden swords, crystals shaped into turtles with a dozen pearls on a ring!  It was amazing all the sites you could see.


Things to Bring

The Bahamas are very humid, so you definitely don’t want to bring a winter coat and boots.  You should bring swimwear because I’m sure you would love to swim there in the bluest water you’ve ever seen.  Also,  bring a T-shirt and some shorts. You will need those because like I said, the Bahamas are very hot and humid. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring a T-shirt that covers your back and shoulders. In addition,  hydrate! If you don’t you can become very dizzy and start to drift, faint and not feel well.

Here is a picture of the Bahamas!

Photo by PixaBay



What would you like to do in the Bahamas?

Have you ever been to an archipelago? Tell me about it!








Let’s Visit Mount Rushmore

Today we’re taking a bus tour to Mount Rushmore! April Fools! We’re going with virtual reality! We were using virtual reality viewers, Virtual reality was amazing! Virtual reality can take you anywhere in the world and makes it seem like you are actually at a place. That’s why I used virtual reality to go to Mount Rushmore.  It felt so real and looked so real I thought that I was actually at Mount Rushmore, but I was sadly not.

When I got out of the bus it was like I was actually at Mount Rushmore I saw Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson and a bunch of trees, plants, and bugs. Each carving of these presidents is about 60 feet (18 meters) tall. Mount Rushmore is actually 5,725 feet tall! And also the sculptures at the top of the mountains are on the southeastern side.

Photo by Aliyah Sage


Have you been to Mount Rushmore?

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Have you ever been to South Dakota?