Let’s Visit Mount Rushmore

Today we’re taking a bus tour to Mount Rushmore! April Fools! We’re going with virtual reality! We were using virtual reality viewers, Virtual reality was amazing! Virtual reality can take you anywhere in the world and makes it seem like you are actually at a place. That’s why I used virtual reality to go to Mount Rushmore.  It felt so real and looked so real I thought that I was actually at Mount Rushmore, but I was sadly not.

When I got out of the bus it was like I was actually at Mount Rushmore I saw Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson and a bunch of trees, plants, and bugs. Each carving of these presidents is about 60 feet (18 meters) tall. Mount Rushmore is actually 5,725 feet tall! And also the sculptures at the top of the mountains are on the southeastern side.

Photo by Aliyah Sage


Have you been to Mount Rushmore?

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Have you ever been to South Dakota?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Visit Mount Rushmore

  1. Hello Aliyah,

    It’s such a nice creativity. Am Kenyan teacher and this is the first time am seeing creativity at its peak on a natural feature! Who did the sculptures? Please also check Veronica blog at veronicapink.
    edublogs. org on a virtual reality tour.

    Thomas Oriya

  2. Thomas@

    Howdy it is such an honor for you to be reading my blog post, I love Mount Rushmore I believe those four presidents helped a lot in our country, and the maker of Mount Rushmore is Gutzon Borglum and after his death, his son kept on sculpting Mount Rushmore.

    Aliyah Sage

  3. Thank you for the additional information. Sincerely l found it exciting.

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